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Thanks in advance

April 30, 2009

In advance of the book hitting the bookshelves any day now, I want to express my gratitude.  I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive and helpful and encouraging.  There are so many but I’ll start with the editor and publisher of the book, Robert Lasner (Ig Publishers).  He and his partner Elizabeth Clement responded quickly and positively to my manuscript last year.  Imagine my thrill of getting an email saying . . . we’d like to publish your work.  They have both been so helpful, professional–super easy to work with.  Robert did an amazing job of line by line editing–I appreciate his careful reading so much.  Thank you Robert and Elizabeth for your faith in me and in this book.

A special thanks to all los Cubanos–de aqui y de allá–I belong to them all as they are mine.  

Mil gracias to my many dear friends who cheered me on even when I was low and screamed even louder when I was flying high.  If I started naming names, I’d be here all night–you all know who you are.

I want to thank my parents who gave me everything I needed and then some; my brother Danny remains a sounding board.  Our little family functioned without the help and support of extended family but could always count on good friends and neighbors to lend a hand.  Our family has grown in the last two decades with the arrival of more and more relatives from the island plus I also married into a big Cuban family; I finally got what I wanted–a big, extended family. Thanks to all of la familia, blood-related or not, they have enriched my life.

Thanks to all my writing teachers throughout the years.  I was blessed to study with two Nobel Laureates–Issac Singer (as an undergrad while at UM) and Toni Morrison (as a grad student at State University of New York at Albany).  My classmates taught me much and I continue to learn from colleagues and students.

Thanks in advance to all you who will purchase and read Marielitos, Balseros And Other Exiles.  I hope you feel invited into the lives of the characters and that they follow you after you’ve left off reading.

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