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Independent Bookstores rock

October 2, 2009
Reading at Inkwood Books

Reading at Inkwood Books

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of reading at Inkwood Books in Tampa.  There are very few independent bookstores left in the country and I think booklovers need to step up and show that we value them.   Everyone knows what to expect in a big franchise bookstore but you never know what to expect in an independent bookstore and that’s one of the lovely thrills of exploring them. 

Last night I arrived at Inkwood early enough to browse their shelves and was delighted to find books by many of my newfound friends met at Bread Loaf.  I even discovered a new book–Burn This Book–edited by Toni Morrison, the writer whose work has had such a huge impact on me.  I loved all the nooks and crannies of Inkwood, a great old house of the 1920s, and enjoyed chatting with patrons before and after the reading.  I urge you all to go out and find a local, independent bookstore, and support them with your patronage.

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