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Interview in Spanish!

January 15, 2010

Hello all–saludos a todos.

Last week, Oliverio Gutierrez who has an important page (now linked to this site) dedicated to the music and culture of Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean called Mañanitas Hispanoamericanas, interviewed me.  He asked me to bring music that was important to me growing up and while living in New Jersey and then when I moved to Miami.  Jorge Milanés, my partner in music and life, spent a lot of time gathering over a dozen songs (there were 19 in total but all didn’t make the final cut) including Cuban son, R & B, Soul, Disco, Salsa and ending with music from Jorge and Kevin (neo-Cuban folk/guajira).  The interview is mostly about my growing up in the United States because his audience is mostly overseas and he wanted to share with others how we U.S. Latina/os form our cultural identity combining the US culture with our own home/heritage cultures.

It is quite an eclectic collection of music but hope you will enjoy it–you can fast forward past the music or the interview at anytime.  Most of the discussion of my book doesn’t come until the latter part of the 146 minutes (yes, it’s long but it is a balance of conversation and music).  Even while we are talking, there is instrumental background music from Cuba.  Below is the link–if you get a chance to listen in, post a comment here or on Oliverio’s site at info@mananitashispanoamericanas, in English or Spanish or Spanglish!

Here is his site and my interview should start up right away.

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