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Day one in Cuba

August 12, 2011

We had to be at the Miami International Airport at 4:00 a.m. for the 8:00 a.m. flight; this experience begins with being bombarded with “wrappers” who will wrap your luggage with green plastic for $15 a piece.  These wrappers, mostly young men but also some women, are waiting for travelers as soon as they step inside the terminal.  I asked, “Is it required?”  The answer, no.  So, why do so many do it?  Because it makes them think their bags are safe.  In reality, the wrap can be undone and your bags checked at any time but the green wrapped bags are rewrapped while the clear plastic wrapped bags (done for $5 a bag off site) will not.

People pack as much as they can afford (and more)

We didn't wrap our bags

Cousins from mother's side
Lary, Namibia, me, Lety and Chino

We were taken to a little “rancho” which is more like a backyard bar/restaurant called El Pellisco where locals with cars go for delicious, plentiful and relatively inexpensive food.  We liked it so much we went back twice.  There were beautiful roosters next to the sitting area–lots of them rumored to belong to VIPs.

We ate masitas de puerco (pork chunks), tostones with garlic, moro, tamales and Bucanero beer–my brother’s preferred.
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