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United Arts Grants–redux

August 31, 2011

United Arts of Central Florida supports writers!

I am indebted to United Arts of Central Florida for helping me get to Cuba.  I applied for an individual Professional Development Grant in the fall of 2010 and this spring was awarded $1,000 towards the costs of the travel.

My goal was to visit the Centro Iberoamericano Para el Estudio de la Décima and interview practicioners of the art of singing, reciting, declaiming and improvising the ten line poem form (usually eight syllables per line).  Since 2000, the décima has been promoted and taught throughout the island as a way to involve youth in the maintenance of the culture.  I will talk more about my visit to El Centro and the performances I watched in my next post but for now I wanted to say THANK YOU to United Arts of Central Florida.  A special gracias to Mary Patrick who was so very helpful to me whenever I had questions.

Visit the United Arts page ( ) to see all the resources, programs and opportunities they offer and get on their mailing list to get updates.   There are many different events and activities going on all over Central Florida and often thanks to United Arts.

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